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Monday, May 2, 2011

Crochet How-To: How to Make Crochet Covered Buttons

A table of knitting and crochetImage by Grant Neufeld via Flickr

Sarah over at Creative Jewish Mom came up with a simple and free crochet pattern on making crochet covered buttons using t-shirt and sweater buttons.

Got this excerpt about the pattern from her blog:
Yes, you can transform buttons by making nice crocheted button covers for them, or make a set of buttons from those that don't match, or in my case, make some buttons that will match your project perfectly! (I'll share it with you soon, just need to sew on those green buttons and weave in a few ends, hopefully.)
And really, I've seen crocheted covers for apples, for ipods, for MP3/4s, for mugs and tea pots, so why not make a little something for that humble button that's hanging around in your junk drawer? It only takes a few minutes and the results are wonderful. It is hard to make them look perfect, but that's okay, a handmade feeling is good too! 
A little button like this would look so sweet at the end of a hair pin, or group a few together on a piece of felt, and make a nice lapel pin. And if you want to get really delicate and lovely with this, so do it with crocheting thread and you can do something more open, revealing the button underneath, or make a simple design using a few colors.
Click here to visit Sarah's website and see the full pattern.

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