"Begin to weave and God will provide the thread"
~German Proverb

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Take on Dorset Buttons

It only seemed like yesterday when experimenting with Dorset Buttons made me start my own handcrafted accessories business!

Over the long holiday weekend, I decided to re-explore this craft and this time used various materials.

First up, I used the traditional acrylic crochet yarn but instead of finishing the inner spokes, I only finished the border and added a floating plastic pallet in the middle.

Used acrylic yarn for this Dorset button. The color was inspired by
my sister Cha's blouse she wore on New Year's day :)

Attached the button to a long chain necklace

As worn

For the next Dorset Button, I used a bone-colored satin ribbon and attached to a matinee-length chain necklace with pearl studs accents.

Dorset Button using satin ribbon

On a matinee length (19") chain

As worn

The last button is still in the works but I already love it! Staring into my pile of crochet materials, I saw some leftover leather cord I had purchased years ago to be used as a lasso belt and thought of using it for the Dorset Button and the result was gorgeous!

Leather cord Dorset Button. Sprayed it with clear gloss acrylic spray
to protect from scratches.
I noticed that the leather was sensitive to scratches so after finishing this, I sprayed it with a layer of clear acrylic spray. Only thing left to do is to decide what material I'd use for the necklace. 

Dorset Buttons are easy to make and very versatile. Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial from Craftstylish and start making your own versions!

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