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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Crochet Art: Agata Olek

New York City Street Art by Agata Olek

In my previous post, I talked about the art of yarn bombing spreading around the globe. And then I came about Agata OlekTalk about crochet passion!

Her "Knitting is For Pu*****" collection is simply phenomenal! Check it out below...

The Huffington Post did a recent interview of Olek and I loved her reply to TH's question:
TH: Another aspect of your work that is interesting is that you use personal text messages in your work, sentences or phrases that would normally be deleted. You make them forever lasting by incorporating them into your work. Yet the bull was only covered for two hours before it was taken down, so other parts of your work was very much like a sand mandala, created for the sake of creation and then quickly destroyed without any attachment on your part. What is this dynamic of preservation and destruction that you are constantly exploring?
My new text-based work immortalizes the intense yet fleeting sentiments of modern relationships. By contrasting the convenience of "txt msgs" with the labor-intensiveness of crocheted sculpture, I transform a naturally guarded form of communication into declarations of truth and lies. These homemade pieces challenge the established barriers of privacy and tradition and re-examine modern communication technology.
The artwork is destroyed as it is created, and created out of its own destruction. Still and metamorphosing, old and new, unique and common, public and private, hidden and exposed, performer and creator, traditional and innovative, decay and renewal, are all interchangeable.
For the complete interview, click here.
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