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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ever Heard of Yarn Bombing?

Yarn bombed Lion in Bournemouth, England

Lately I've been seeing a lot of contemporary visual artists dabbling in crochet and looking around the web, I saw this new trend going around the globe: Yarn Bombing.

No, it's not the terrorists' new weapon of choice; Yarn Bombing or also called Guerrilla Knitting is a type of street art using knitted or crocheted works instead of spray paint or chalk. 

Downtown Toledo was recently hit by yarn bombers as featured in an article by The Toledo Blade:
Guerilla knitters are on the loose in Toledo, dropping bombs on the downtown area in the form of crocheted cozies.
The woolly street art is popping up on signs and parking meter posts, trees, hand rails, and other public spaces throughout the city. The culprits, known as guerilla knitters or artistic vandals, see their work as a kinder, gentler form of graffiti.
It's called yarn bombing, and it takes the most matronly crafts -- knitting and crocheting -- and transfers them from the comforts of grandma's rocking chair to the concrete and steel surfaces of urban streets.
Below are some pictures of the fanciest Yarnbombs I found around the web:

Yarnbombs at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Fancy knitting on a street post in
Cardiff, Wales

Downtown Los Angeles cozies up

Floral Fence in Los Angeles

A Copenhagen street sign becomes a
crochet lollipop

A musical pole in Poole, England

Although I've never been known to be a vandal, these Yarn Bombers are now giving me crazy ideas to start a Graffiti Knitting movement here in Manila :D

Any takers?
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