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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feature of the Month: Yarn Source Manila

As millicentmelissa's Facebook page began getting a lot of "likes" this year, I received a nice message from a young lady introducing her online store of crochet yarns. I've become familiar with Yarn Source Manila ever since and liked the variety of crochet yarns Kimmy Maclang (the owner) sells on her site, yarns that have fabulous colors and rich textures which are rarely, if not never, found in local retail stores.

Below are some of the Yarn Source Manila's products:

Latest batch of Cotton Yarns

Clockwise from upper left: Olive Green 365g (P127.75), Pistachio Green 220g (P77.00),
Screamin' Green 230g (P80.50), Inch Norm 330g (P115.50) and
Fern 330g (P115.50)
Upper left: Pacific Blue 280g (P98.00), upper right: Cerulean 345g (P120.75)
and bottom: Carribean Green 375g (P131.25)

Yarn Source Manila also offers acrylic yarns and multicolored yarns but the latest batch has been sold out. With their brilliant color collection, it's no wonder latest shipments are selling like pancakes :)

Better like their page by clicking here so you can get updates of new collections right away!

For easier purchasing, you can also check out Yarn Source Manila's multiply store here.

Acrylic yarns
Multicolored Yarns

Always been a fan of multicolored yarns. They're just so fancy that's why I use most of them in my projects like these dorset buttons and gorgeous crochet earrings and necklaces.

They also have tie-dyed acrylic yarn hanks for knitting or crochet projects. Yarns are soft and would be great for a comfortable sweater or clothing. Price is P360.00 per hank.

Mediterranean colors

Acrylic yarn hank. Love that fuschia color

Looking like blue flames...

Got a new update from Kimmy! 

Yarn Source Manila is holding a Facebook contest where winners will get a chance to grab unique and vibrant crochet yarns so head on to their Facebook page RIGHT NOW by clicking here!

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