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~German Proverb

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation in the City of Flowers

from l-r: my brother-in-law Clarence, his sister Mae, Asti my nephew, Cha, 
Clarence's mom Tita Lily, moi and my son Marti

My sister Cha and her hubby Clarence invited us to spend Christmas in Baguio City, known here in the Philippines as the City of Pines and City of Flowers!

Haven't been to Baguio for 6 years which was quite long considering that our parents would bring us there on most of our summer vacations. A lot has changed and the City seemed to resemble downtown Manila with all the vehicular and pedestrian congestion. Nevertheless Baguio City has not lost it's natural beauty with its tall and sweet-smelling pine trees and vibrantly colored flowers!

Here are some of the pictures of flowers I took there:

My all-time favorite flower, Hydrangeas! In the Philippines
they're called Milflores

More Hydrangeas....Martha Stewart got me hooked on them

In a different but still lovely color

Never thought these were mosquito-repellent flowers until
the seller told us so. Would be handy in mosquito-land Manila but
these plants would not survive the humid weather there.

Haven't seen butterflies in awhile, probably due to Manila's pollution
but it was awesome how this one just happened to land on the
yellow Daisy I was taking a picture of!

I'm not sure if these are called Violets...how i wish they'd label
the flowers here...

More beautifully colored blooms

Via the internet I found out that these are called

Nameless yet lovely :)

Pardon the blurred photo but just had to take one of these
hanging flowers...

Closer view shows the lively yellow color of these flowers

It's true that the grass (in this case moss) is greener here!
"I declare this as Marti Land!"

Was so delighted to have visited Baguio. Got so much color inspiration that I started several crochet projects already!

Watch out for my new creations, coming out here soon...

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