"Begin to weave and God will provide the thread"
~German Proverb

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Broomstick Lace: A Whimsy Crochet Pattern

Was checking out http://www.kootoyoo.com which I found when looking for crochet inspiration and I came across one of the site owner's projects: broomstick lace crochet cuff

Broomstick Lace

The pattern here looked so unique and modern that I am starting a project as soon as I get home!

I found an easy-to-follow pattern here if you're interested...

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project: Christmas Gift for Cha

I think I caught the Scrooge bug because it's a week from Christmas and the only gift I have bought is for my Bosses at work! Haaaayyyy...

Anyway, I started on the necklace I'm making for Cha as my surprise Christmas gift and I hope she would really like it despite the sunshiny colors I chose here. Hope she won't find it too sweet and girly for her taste

I think I'm calling this Autumn because of the lovely colors

detailed view
The pattern I used was partly taken from Linda Permann's book Crochet Adorned

1st study

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dorset Buttons

Eversince I started creating crochet necklaces, have always included Dorset Buttons in my pieces as I find them very versatile and fun to make!

Some of my early works

It was difficult sourcing out the rings needed and I even went as far as Quiapo only to find poor quality and one-sized plastic rings. Had no choice but to buy them since I was already itching to start on the buttons, they were cheap anyway.

So here are some of the necklaces I made with Dorset Buttons:
my first creation: birthday gift for my sister Cha

Bebeng Necklace
my most popular piece bought by popular model
Patty Betita

Ever Bilena advertisement featuring Patty
wearing the Bebeng necklace
Photo with permission from Onin Mas of Ever Bilena

Dreamcatchers 1
another of my favorites

Cartwheel 1 Earrings

Sun and Moon
My latest creation for my good friend Arlene

For orders, you can visit our store at http://millicentmelissa.multiply.com

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Project: Sun and Moon---Finished!

Finally finished Arlene's necklace which she aptly named Sun and Moon! Loved her choice of colors which really inspired me to do really well on this project...

Sun and Moon


Another close-up

As worn by Arlene
Photo courtesy of Ms. Arlene Cabale

As worn by Arlene---close-up
Photo courtesy of Ms. Arlene Cabale
Am glad you love the finished product, Arlene!

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millicentmelissa Private Sale at CTC Office

Had a private sale of millicentmelissa crochet jewelry at our office most of which were almost sold out!

Teardrop Earrings in Autumn
P 200.00

Teardrop Earrings in Eggplant
P 200.00

Teardrop earrings in Tan
P 200.00
Teardrop Earrings in Midnight
P 200.00

Twister Earrings in Mango---SOLD to Ms. Vhia DiƱo

Twister Earrings in Purple---SOLD to Ms. Jen Gianan

Red Circles with Crystals---Sold to Ms. Diane Besana
Photo courtesy of Ms. Sharon Oandasan

Teardrop Earrings in Dusk---SOLD to me hehehe
Photo courtesy of Ms. Sharon Oandasan

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Project: for Arlene---Sun and Moon

My very good friend and soul sister Arlene asked me to make a crochet necklace for her and I made a design based on her suggestions:

>i love Maira 2 ribbon
>crochet layout use dreamcatcher 
>color combination in BLACK with touch of Y25 color, and if you have some dark gray po
> i want it called , The sun and the moon
>can we add some charms?
 So far here are some of the design studies I made:

1st study

Something's still missing so I'll be tweaking this a lot more. More pictures coming up!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Project: 3 Buttercup Bracelets for my Nieces

Getting hooked on my latest book, Crochet Adorned, I made some cute bracelets for my nieces whom I haven't seen for so many years. I gave their bracelets when we had a family reunion last All Saints' Day at Heritage Park and they were ecstatic!

Here's a picture of the bracelets below. I'd probably ask Mika to send me photos of the bracelets as worn...

from top: for Dani, for Mika and for Teresse

Dumbrique Family Reunion at Heritage Park

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