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~German Proverb

Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Facebook Page Is Now Up!


Check out our Facebook page! Thanks for the lessons of Internet Marketing Guru Jomar Hilario, was able to build our page and promote in the largest social network of our time :)

So start "LIKE"ing our page and you may get lovely freebies from us soon!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project: For Katherine

with my very good friend Mary Grace
Through the kindness of my soul sister Mary Grace Valiente, some of the pictures of my works have reached the shores of Guam!

Got my first order yesterday from Grace's friend, Ms. Katherine Moore and she really liked my two previous projects: the Maira 2 and the Dreamcatcher...

Maira 2


Katherine wanted a black necklace that could be worn horizontally and vertically which was a great idea for me! So I sent her a working draft to show how the necklace could be worn:

horizontally worn

vertically worn

And she loved it! I'm so excited with this project that I'll probably finish it in a week :)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lattice Earrings and Necklace

Working on broomstick lace crochet, I made some earrings and bracelets which really looked dainty and unique!

I'll call this one Metal Lattice

Another View

with red closure

Green Lattice Earrings
Green Lattice Earrings

Purple Lattice Earrings

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project: Christmas Gift for Cha~~~Finished!

The Road Runner had nothing on me when I finished assembling Cha's Christmas gift...

Cha's Christmas gift
It was inspired by Spanish colonial tambourine necklaces

Detailed view

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Practicing Broomstick Lace Crochet

Was fascinated with the vintage crochet pattern of broomstick lace when I found it while web surfing that I immediately started projects using this pattern.

Also known as Jiffy Lace, it requires the use of a cylindrical object, referred to as a "pin" to make the loops and in olden times crocheters used broomsticks in making this pattern.Marti and I roamed most of the malls during the holidays looking for the 50" knitting needle that was used in this pattern I found by Crochet Cabana but couldn't find any. Out of desperation, I rummaged our home for the perfect pin and found some glue sticks that did the job!
My first try...used a glue stick as a pin :)

Well the glue stick only worked for several rows when I noticed that the yarn fibers were starting to stick so I had to find another pin which came in the form of a marker pen!

Using a marker pen as a pin the loops are more pronounced

Almost finished with the first bracelet so I'll post the pictures soon.

"Everyday and in Every Way, I become better and better!"

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Project: Circles of Love

Being delighted with her Sun and Moon necklace, my very good friend Arlene asked me to make her another one which she would wear to welcome the New Year...

This was the color palette Arlene wanted

Arlene wanted four circles representing her family and in her favorite colors. 

work in progress

For assembly

Finished product!

sister Arlene very happy with her New Year necklace!
Thanks sister for appreciating my work!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation in the City of Flowers

from l-r: my brother-in-law Clarence, his sister Mae, Asti my nephew, Cha, 
Clarence's mom Tita Lily, moi and my son Marti

My sister Cha and her hubby Clarence invited us to spend Christmas in Baguio City, known here in the Philippines as the City of Pines and City of Flowers!

Haven't been to Baguio for 6 years which was quite long considering that our parents would bring us there on most of our summer vacations. A lot has changed and the City seemed to resemble downtown Manila with all the vehicular and pedestrian congestion. Nevertheless Baguio City has not lost it's natural beauty with its tall and sweet-smelling pine trees and vibrantly colored flowers!

Here are some of the pictures of flowers I took there:

My all-time favorite flower, Hydrangeas! In the Philippines
they're called Milflores

More Hydrangeas....Martha Stewart got me hooked on them

In a different but still lovely color

Never thought these were mosquito-repellent flowers until
the seller told us so. Would be handy in mosquito-land Manila but
these plants would not survive the humid weather there.

Haven't seen butterflies in awhile, probably due to Manila's pollution
but it was awesome how this one just happened to land on the
yellow Daisy I was taking a picture of!

I'm not sure if these are called Violets...how i wish they'd label
the flowers here...

More beautifully colored blooms

Via the internet I found out that these are called

Nameless yet lovely :)

Pardon the blurred photo but just had to take one of these
hanging flowers...

Closer view shows the lively yellow color of these flowers

It's true that the grass (in this case moss) is greener here!
"I declare this as Marti Land!"

Was so delighted to have visited Baguio. Got so much color inspiration that I started several crochet projects already!

Watch out for my new creations, coming out here soon...

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