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Saturday, September 29, 2012

millicentmelissa Gratitude Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of millicentmelissa Handmade Accessories' first ever contest!

First prize goes to list number 84: Gail Franco

Second Prize: Victorian Lace Necklace

Second prize goes to list number 195: Vangie Espiritu

Third Prize: Gratitude Bib Necklace

Third prize goes to list number 35: Sheila Sardinia Diokno

Winners please leave me a private message on our our Facebook Page indicating your addresses so we can send the prizes to you right away.

Thank you Random.org for the raffle draw platform and thank you so much for joining our contest! Hope you can join us again next time :)

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pin of the Day: Barefoot Sandies

Today, I'm starting off a new segment for my blog: Pin of the Day. This features the many crochet inspirations and tutorials I found and pinned from Pinterest.

The first one I'm posting here is this Barefoot Sandie with tutorial from Lion Brand.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project: Crochet Mask

                                                                        Source: google.co.uk via Millicent on Pinterest

I don't know what's come over me but lately I've been obsessing on how to make crochet masks!

Scoured my usual hang-out, Pinterest for free patterns and every single one I found involves the use of wires as foundation for the eye holes. I followed the pattern of Craft Disasters above but the wires kept on breaking off so I gave up on it! Twas so frustrating when you're almost done with the piece and the wire comes off and you see yards and yards of crocheted yarn just unravel!

Moving along, going back to my pinning addiction, I found a very nice crochet pattern called triton shell stitch which I thought was kind of easy to make. I'm always on the look out for fancy crochet stitches and when I find one, I go learn it right away.

Photo of triton shell stitch
                                                                         Source: crochet.about.com via Millicent on Pinterest

Learning this stitch, it suddenly dawned on me that I could use this as the foundation stitch for a crochet mask! Below are the photos of my freehand attempt on creating my own pattern of a crochet mask:

Wish I'd used a more vibrant color but not bad for a first try :)

It's still in the works. I'm planning to make it a bit more elaborate; maybe make it chin-length like a niqab or add height to become like a headdress.

Detailed view

Major mistake: I got so engrossed crocheting the mask, I forgot to take down notes for the pattern! Oh well, when I'm completely done then I'll work on transcribing the pattern to post here.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Crochet Bullion Stitch

I have been trying so hard to learn this fancy crochet stitch for quite some time and now I'm hooked (pun intended)!

Not too bad for my first try... despite the blisters on my fingers :(

Close up view. See the messy middle?

Thank God for Pinterest, I found two of the easiest tutorials on bullion stitch among dozens of these on the net. Check them out below:

For the bullion circles I made above, I used a little of both the tutorials: getting the pattern from healmyhands.com and the extra needle trick from crochetspot.com

This probably the hardest crochet stitch I've learned, leaving most of my fingers blistered! But I guess it was all worth it!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The millicentmelissa Handmade Accessories Gratitude Raffle!

Contest Mechanics:

1. To qualify for the contest, visit   

2. Proceed to http://crochetphilippines.blogspot.com, subscribe to the blog by entering your e-mail address. Please make sure your e-mail subscription to Crochet Philippines is activated by clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail you received otherwise your e-mail address would not be listed in the qualifying list for the contest. If you didn't get the subscription e-mail, please check in your Junk folder and make sure that Crochet Philippines is on your "safe senders" list.

3. Choose a post in Crochet Philippines by hovering over an image and click share then Facebook to post the link of the blogpost on your Facebook wall.

4. Three (3) winners will be chosen: One (1) from the Facebook fans and two (2) from Crochet Philippines subscribers who will each get one (1) fabulous and unique millicentmelissa Handmade Accessories Crochet Necklace pictured above.

5. Contest ends on 11:59 p.m. of September 28, 2012

6. Raffle draw will be held on our Mom's birthday, September 30, 2012 and the names of the winners will be announced at http://crochetphilippines.blogspot.com on the same day.

The contest is not endorsed or sponsored by Facebook; additionally, Facebook is not liable for information given to the contest facilitators.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feature of the Month: Yarn Source Manila

As millicentmelissa's Facebook page began getting a lot of "likes" this year, I received a nice message from a young lady introducing her online store of crochet yarns. I've become familiar with Yarn Source Manila ever since and liked the variety of crochet yarns Kimmy Maclang (the owner) sells on her site, yarns that have fabulous colors and rich textures which are rarely, if not never, found in local retail stores.

Below are some of the Yarn Source Manila's products:

Latest batch of Cotton Yarns

Clockwise from upper left: Olive Green 365g (P127.75), Pistachio Green 220g (P77.00),
Screamin' Green 230g (P80.50), Inch Norm 330g (P115.50) and
Fern 330g (P115.50)
Upper left: Pacific Blue 280g (P98.00), upper right: Cerulean 345g (P120.75)
and bottom: Carribean Green 375g (P131.25)

Yarn Source Manila also offers acrylic yarns and multicolored yarns but the latest batch has been sold out. With their brilliant color collection, it's no wonder latest shipments are selling like pancakes :)

Better like their page by clicking here so you can get updates of new collections right away!

For easier purchasing, you can also check out Yarn Source Manila's multiply store here.

Acrylic yarns
Multicolored Yarns

Always been a fan of multicolored yarns. They're just so fancy that's why I use most of them in my projects like these dorset buttons and gorgeous crochet earrings and necklaces.

They also have tie-dyed acrylic yarn hanks for knitting or crochet projects. Yarns are soft and would be great for a comfortable sweater or clothing. Price is P360.00 per hank.

Mediterranean colors

Acrylic yarn hank. Love that fuschia color

Looking like blue flames...

Got a new update from Kimmy! 

Yarn Source Manila is holding a Facebook contest where winners will get a chance to grab unique and vibrant crochet yarns so head on to their Facebook page RIGHT NOW by clicking here!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Trying To Get My Crochet Mojo Back!

It's been awhile since I picked up my yarn and hook. But with the Facebook page of millicentmelissa Handmade Accessories garnering almost 200 likes and my latest membership to the Philippines Crafters Association Facebook group, I had to get my "crochet mojo" back right away!

Here is the latest crochet necklace,
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