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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project: Crochet Mask

                                                                        Source: google.co.uk via Millicent on Pinterest

I don't know what's come over me but lately I've been obsessing on how to make crochet masks!

Scoured my usual hang-out, Pinterest for free patterns and every single one I found involves the use of wires as foundation for the eye holes. I followed the pattern of Craft Disasters above but the wires kept on breaking off so I gave up on it! Twas so frustrating when you're almost done with the piece and the wire comes off and you see yards and yards of crocheted yarn just unravel!

Moving along, going back to my pinning addiction, I found a very nice crochet pattern called triton shell stitch which I thought was kind of easy to make. I'm always on the look out for fancy crochet stitches and when I find one, I go learn it right away.

Photo of triton shell stitch
                                                                         Source: crochet.about.com via Millicent on Pinterest

Learning this stitch, it suddenly dawned on me that I could use this as the foundation stitch for a crochet mask! Below are the photos of my freehand attempt on creating my own pattern of a crochet mask:

Wish I'd used a more vibrant color but not bad for a first try :)

It's still in the works. I'm planning to make it a bit more elaborate; maybe make it chin-length like a niqab or add height to become like a headdress.

Detailed view

Major mistake: I got so engrossed crocheting the mask, I forgot to take down notes for the pattern! Oh well, when I'm completely done then I'll work on transcribing the pattern to post here.
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