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Monday, April 27, 2015

Obsessed with Irish Crochet!

Working on Fiddle Head Fern Leaf

I have always been in awe of the craftsmanship of Irish crochet lace when I saw them for the first time after being hooked on Pinterest.

After a long search (yeah, despite Google!) I finally found a video tutorial of a popular Irish crochet motif which is the Fiddle Head Fern Leaf! This piece I'm working on will be part of a reworked crochet headpiece for my good friend Ru. 

If you're obsessed like me ;) I'm sharing you below the resources I found where you can learn Irish crochet lace and also get free patterns of the different motifs:

Their Youtube channel is where I learned the fiddle head fern leaf. Even though the video was quite long (5 clips for this pattern), it was easy to follow and I quickly learned the pattern. I made that in as little as an hour! #obsessed

2. SheRu
I've been learning 3D crochet flowers from SheRu and it's a great place to start learning complicated crochet patterns. SheRu has an extensive library of free patterns as it seems they upload new patterns everyday. They also have knitting patterns in case you're interested to learn.

Issuu is a place where publications are shared online by users and I discovered a lot of expensive crochet books shared here for free! Although there are only a few Irish crochet patterns here, there are a lot more you can access and learn without having to buy the book.

Do you have other resources for Irish Crochet Lace? Share it in the comments below!

Sharing some of my finished works:

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