"Begin to weave and God will provide the thread"
~German Proverb

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Items Available in Our Store

Barefoot Sandals in Orange Gerbera with detachable flower

Holiday? What holiday? 

Well, that's how I felt when I saw it was already the last day of the year and for the first time in my life I was swamped with oDesk work and crochet projects instead of panicking with Christmas shopping for other people. It sounds selfish but it's the best gift I could give to someone who spends the rest of the year taking care of others :) Try it...it's liberating!

Anyway, I also got my sister hooked on crocheting all over again and she made these fabulous crochet bracelets:

Melissa bracelet in Gold with Jade Squares

Melissa bracelet in Gold with Turquoise Squares

Wear 'em stacked!
Here's the detail shot of the Barefoot Sandal in Orange Gerbera (the one on top of this post) and another shot without the detachable flower:

Here are more of my sister's bracelets:

Melissa bracelet in Steel with Gold Orbs and with matching ring

Melissa bracelet in Green Gold with Gold Orbs

Melissa bracelet in Green Gold with Mother-of-Pearl Ovals

Wear 'em stacked!
Check out our online store at facebook.com/millicentmelissa for our latest accessories!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy, Busy as Business Booms!

Wow, it has been an auspicious week for millicentmelissa Handmade Accessories!

After launching our barefoot sandals a week ago, we started getting a lot of inquiries then confirmed orders! The biggest one was probably the fifteen (15) earrings which the customer needed in two days. It was a challenge but a welcome one :) 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Bedridden with the Flu = New Crochet Items!

Bedridden with the flu since last Saturday hasn't stifled my creative juices from flowing at all :) For us crocheters (well, for me at least), having to stay at home means more time for our crochet and no virus could stop us from picking up our needles and skeins of yarn!

So here are the new items I made during my recuperation:

Leaf Earrings in Jade

Leaf Earrings in Jade (as worn)

Leaf Earrings in Ruby

Leaf Earrings in Ruby (as worn)

Got a request to make barefoot sandals so I made some experiments with designs I haven't seen anywhere else (even on Etsy!) and here are the first two:

Barefoot Sandals in Red Coral

Barefoot Sandals in Starfishes

I'll be coming up with new designs in a few days. You may want to get ready for the summer this early so order your pair now!

All these available now at our Facebook page at facebook.com/millicentmelissa.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crochet Inspiration: Chunky Chain Jewelry

Another inspiration! Found these fabulous chunky chain necklaces from Tiffany & Co. and J. Crew:

Naturally, the next move was to create an inspired necklace! And here is the first one:

T&Co Chain Necklace in Amethyst and Ruby. Worn as a choker...

Or as a long necklace.

T&Co Chain necklace now available at millicentmelissa's Facebook Page.

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Crochet Inspiration: Fern Leaves

Have always been fascinated by the quiet beauty of fern leaves so I thought of making a crochet inspired necklace.

Went through the net to find a free pattern and I did find several like this one of Curious and Crafty Readers' blog but the one I really liked was this one from Wist: 

Source: wists.com via Millicent on Pinterest

Unfortunately, the pattern wasn't for free so I had to eye it and come up with my own. The result was fantastic and here is the necklace I made (modeling credit goes out to my sister Cha, the other half of millicentmelissa Handmade Accessories!):

Crochet Fern Necklace

Loved this so much I'm making more variations!

Crochet Fern Necklace is now available through millicentmelissa's Facebook Page.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Crochet Inspiration: Alexander McQueen

Was looking for new inspirations for our crochet accessories when I came across this fabulous statement necklace from Alexander  McQueen's Fall 2012 collection

I thought it looked like a form of hyperbolic crochet so that's what I did! Look at the two necklaces I created out of this inspiration:

Am gonna call this AMcQ necklace :) this one in Sunny

At a different angle...this could be adjusted as a choker too

This one is in Mandarin... the shape is a little off but I like the way it came out :)
AmcQ necklaces available through our Facebook page: facebook.com/millicentmelissa 
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crochet Project: Sweetheart Necklace

My soul sister Arlene was in dilemma. She was invited to the birthday bash of her son's girlfriend and didn't know what gift to give the young lady.

So I suggested that I would make her a unique crochet necklace. Found out that her favorite color is pink so I thought why not pink hearts?!

Went through my collection of free crochet patterns and found this one from Planet June

                                                                              Source: planetjune.com via Millicent on Pinterest

So I chose several shades of pink (loved the salmon in particular!) and began making the hearts:

Finished the necklace just in time and Arlene loved it so much she wondered if she could keep it instead!  Anyway, I promised her I'll make her a better one :)

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