"Begin to weave and God will provide the thread"
~German Proverb

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crochet Project: Kim Tae-Hee "My Princess" Headband

Got an interesting customized order from our Facebook page before the holidays. Our customer Cy sent us this photo of a pretty headband:

And even though I told her that the item in the photo was knitted and not crocheted, Cy went ahead and ordered the crochet part without the headband.

So I went ahead and researched about the accessory (did you know that you can drag a photo on to Google Images and Google finds the closest information about it? Try it, it's way cool!) and found out it's a hot fashion accessory among Kpop fans. It was worn my Kim Tae Hee in the "My Princess" Korean telenovela. Apparently, it's sold out even on eBay and that's probably why Cy found me :) 

That's Kim Tae Hee on the left wearing the handmade headband

Anyway, had to eye the pattern and make my own version in crochet and hope I did justice somehow! Here are the photos of the work in progress:

Not bad for my first freeform crochet project :) And it's even less expensive than the $20.00 eBay price of the original headband!

Check out our Facebook page for more of our items up for grabs :)
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