"Begin to weave and God will provide the thread"
~German Proverb

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project: Carmen

Really really, loved this shade of yellow and with this color only one person comes to mind: Mrs. Peña (my boss' wife)! Ma. del Carmen O. de Peña, she is one of the phenomenal women I am privileged to have in my life. At 80 years old, she's still a workaholic, running a Forbes Park home and 2 demanding companies of their family corporation on a daily basis. Mrs. Peña was one of the original ATOM (August Twenty-One Movement) members who rallied in Ayala during the Marcos dictatorship. One of the walls of our Executive Office is a homage to her fighting spirit: it dons shadow boxes of Ninoy Aquino funeral buttons, Cory Aquino 1986 Presidential campaign materials, gas masks used during the EDSA revolution and even Noynoy Aquino campaign paraphernalia!

Mrs. Peña's collection of yellow paraphernalia

That's why whenever I thought of yellow, it's Mrs. Peña whom I think about. So here's a project in progress in honor of a tough but sweet lady!

was thinking of making a garland of some sorts

had to make a temporary frame so I could visualize the pattern

Will post the finished product here probably by the end of this week!

*** All photos here are owned by Milli Reyes.

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