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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you want to have your very own Internet Business Card?

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Through my Work-At-Home course under Internet Guru Jomar Hilario, I found this new site where you can make a profile and consolidate all your presence on the web in this site! It's called About.me and it's the simplest and fastest way to advertise your web presence, more importantly to drive traffic to your blogs. You can put links to your social network sites like Facebook and Twitter and to your blogs and even let anyone e-mail you (of course, without revealing your e-mail add). It's like your internet business card!

Sick of PTC earnings? Work as a Virtual Assistant instead!

Here are some fascinating profiles I checked out at About.me:




And here's our own profile:

Check out my about.me profile!
So get yours now by clicking here.

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